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Relax, Renew, Refresh

Unwind and relax with the healing touch of Bali Massage Bern.

BMB Treatments

 Our Balinese Treatments


Bali Body-Peeling

Discover beauty secrets of Indonesian women. We offer you warming up back massage followed by a Balinese ritual body peeling treatment which will exfoliate your skin, sloughing off dead skin cells, and remove hard and dry, flaky skin. Leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft.

Image by Nisha Ramesh

Bali Coconut Massage

Bali Coconut 🥥 Massage
Using the fresh grated coconut🥥
pure coconut milk as natural massage oil, with tropical coconut aroma followed by traditional Balinese massage. And coconut meat for body scrubs/peeling. Leaving your skin magical soft, and moisturizes the skin.

Spa Treatment Stones

Bali Hot-Stone

Using Balinese style massage combined with hot stone is uses smooth, flat, heated basalt stones that are positioned along your spine, in the palms of your hands and along your legs. 

It helps you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. 

BMB Treatments

Our Bali massage Treatments

bmb thai herbal massage.jpeg

Herbs Compress Massage

Start with our Balinese aromatherapy massage, followe by Thai herbal compression balls.


Bali Combo Treatments

Back Massage & Foot Treatments

Back, neck & shoulder massage, including a foot soak, foot scrubs, removal of dead skin, and followed by Foot massage.

BMB Waxing.jpg


Legs Wax:

Full Leg  CHF 60
Full Leg & Bikini  Chf 100
Full leg Brazilian Chf 130 

Half Leg  CHF 40
Half Leg & Bikini  Chf 90
Half Leg Brazilian Chf 110 

Arms Wax:
Underarm CHF 35
Underarm & Bikini Chf 85
Underarm Brazilian Chf 105
Full Arm  CHF 40
Half Arm  CHF 35 

 *Ladys only !

Bikini Line Chf 50
Brazilian Chf 80

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