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Om Swastiastu... 

Welcome to Bali Massage Bern! Get ready to experience the ultimate relaxing and wellness-oriented massage therapy. Our certified massage therapist, Bali Massage Bern, provides a variety of stress-relieving massages to help you release your tension and restore your natural energy.
Both women and men can receive this treatment provided, if they don't suffer from some pathologies for which the massage is not recommended.

At Bali massage Bern, we DO NOT provide any erotic massages - just pure relaxation and wellness.

My Studio

bali massage bern studio room.

Experience Relaxation and Rejuvenation with Bali Massage Bern. I’m a full-time Massage Therapist based in the city area. I offer the variant of wellness massages. And the opportunity of welcoming clients at our home studio, Lodo Bali Massage Bern in Weissenbühl, Bern.

Margareta Vinancy Lodo

Experienced Massage Therapist.

Hey there, I'm Nancy! I'm originally from Flores-Indonesia, but I've been living in Bern since 2019. And guess what? I brought a little piece of paradise with me - the Traditional Balinese Massage! Now, you can experience the ultimate relaxation at our home studio, Lodo Bali Massage Bern in Weissenbühl, Bern. And let me tell you, being a 3rd generation massage therapist, I've got the "Talent" for it! So, come on over and let's get feeling like you're on a tropical island getaway!

At Bali Massage Bern, I offer Balinese massage, a traditional Indonesian massage that combines gentle stretches, acupressure, and aromatherapy. I also have skills in Swedish/Classic massage, Deep-Tissue Massage L-Lomi Massage, Abhyanga European Style Massage, Hot-Stone Massage, Footology, Traditional Balinese body peeling/scrubs, and Waxing.

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📌Therapist Training.Bali International Spa Academy (BALI BISA) Sanur Bali-Indonesia. 


Academy Cosmetology & Wellness

📌Spa and Wellness Therapist Academy Cosmetology & Wellness, Zurich-Switzerland.


📌Self employed at Lodo Bali Massage Bern.

📌Massage Therapist at the Spa Industry in Geneva-Switzerland.

📌Massage therapist at Academy Cosmetology & Wellness, Zurich-Swiss

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